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Specialized Cleaning -day care
Day Care
Specialized daycare cleaning ensures a safe and clean environment for children by focusing on disinfecting toys and high-touch areas.
Specialized school cleaning focuses on disinfecting classrooms and high-traffic areas to promote a healthy and safe learning environment.
Specialized office cleaning ensures a clean and professional workspace by focusing on workstations, meeting rooms, and shared areas.
construction cleaning
Construction Cleaning
Specialized construction cleaning is a detailed service that focuses on post-construction cleanup, removing debris and dust to create a safe and clean environment.
Offices Maintenance
Offices Maintenance
Specialized office maintenance cleaning ensures an organized and functional workspace through routine cleaning and repairs.
Rough Cleaning
Rough Cleaning
It is an initial and intensive cleaning phase during construction or renovation. It involves removing heavy debris, dust, and dirt, preparing the space for subsequent finishing and detailing work.
Cleaning of common areas of buildings
Cleaning of common areas of
Specialized common area cleaning in buildings maintains a clean and welcoming environment in shared spaces through tasks like floor cleaning and surface sanitization.